Over the past decade the business environment has forced most businesses to do more with less. This is especially true when it comes to maintaining technology systems. Outsourcing these functions to Marchese Computer will upgrade your knowledgebase, coverage, and expertise from a single employee’s 8 to 5 schedule to a 24/7 peace of mind that Marchese Computer’s Managed Services provides. We not only function as your IT department but we can fill the role of the Chief Information Officer and Chief Technology Officer for your organization with our 36 years of experience.

Owning and maintaining the infrastructure required to properly monitor your systems health/status are becoming cost and time prohibitive. When you factor in labor, hardware and software required to monitor and manage the typical enterprise network, it’s no wonder businesses are looking to Marchese Computer to provide a consistent, reasonable monthly investment for their complete technology solutions.

How often has your business spent hours resolving an unplanned outage? With Marchese Computer’s proactive approach to managed services your organization’s technology risk management will significantly decrease. We monitor your systems 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to help prevent costly downtime. Our system will alert both Marchese computer and yourself when any anomalies occur. Included with our service, we will apply all the appropriate patches to all of the covered systems assuring peak availability and speed of your systems.

  • Desktop Management – Marchese Computer will maintain an inventory of all your desktop and portable workstations, and your software applications. We have a helpdesk attended by all our staff to address any needs in an expedient fashion to keep you up and running.
  • Server Management – Marchese Computer monitor your servers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by our systems for any hardware/system errors that may occur. We also monitor performance of the servers and apply any needed patches/updates. Any error that is detected will be addressed in an expedient fashion. Additionally, our service includes management of system backups and virus protection.
  • Network Management – Your network’s infrastructure management includes wiring, internet connection, network switches, routers/firewalls, VPN connections, and possibly other security devices. Any devices covered and capable are monitored in the same fashion as the rest of the devices in your enterprise, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We will also include an annual security audit to ensure your company is protected to industry standards and in compliance.
  • Outside Vendors – Marchese Computer will take the lead in managing any issues that are specific to outside/other vendors for your printers, phone system, fax machines, copiers, and proprietary software applications.

Proactive Support

  • Desktop Support Agent – Our Desktop Support Agent software includes technologies that will automatically and seamlessly fix problems on your computer.
  • Automatic Desktop Updates – Our Agent enables Marchese Computer to electronically deliver updates, patches, and targeted service messages to the managed computer over the Internet. This also provides Marchese Computer with real-time data so that Marchese Computer can make sure your desktop computers are up to date and protected.
  • Microsoft Patch Management – This is commonly known as windows updates for both the system and Microsoft Office. With our Desktop Management, Marchese Copmputer monitors and maintains the patches on all the capable covered machines assuring that all your machines are up to date with the latest patches. .
  • Diagnostics and Health Monitoring – Our Agent also diagnoses dozens of points on your computer and provides a detailed report of its health to the Marchese Computers team. This report includes information about the computer’s hardware (processor, memory, hard drives, CD/DVD drives, floppy drives, monitor, video card, network card, keyboard, mouse, serial ports, USB, PCI, and other system board devices) so that your our team can provide you with the best support.

Backup & Data Security

  • Anti-Virus Monitoring, Management, & Update – We monitor and manage all aspects of the Anti-Virus/Anti Spyware software, which will keep your computers protected from the latest Internet risks so that you can feel assured about the safety and integrity of your information. Should a virus or malware be detected on one of your desktops, our dedicated team will be alerted and will ensure that the issue is quickly eradicated.
  • Data Backup Service Our Data Backup Service provides secure and efficient networked data protection and recovery for your servers or computers. Our state fo the art software not only backs up All data files (stored in the “My Documents” directory – up to 100GB per desktop or 500Gb per server is included (more space can be purchased if needed) backed up on a daily basis but it can do a complete bare metal restoration of the entire machine. Our data backup uses state of the art De-Duplication technology, so your backups are smaller and faster to restore.. It stores your data for fast access on site as well as in the cloud for complete peace of mind that your data is protected from loss to hardware or software failure, power outages, viruses, fire, natural disasters, or just simple human error. This truly sets us apart from our competition.

Setup, Planning and Purchasing

  • Hardware Inventory – Our system will keep inventory of your managed hardware so that you don’t have to. This enables us to provide our expert knowledge and help you achieve all of your technology goals. Some of plans include free technology roadmap assessments as well.
  • Software Installation & “Basic Training” – Marchese Computer can install your new software program(s) on your PCs and familiarize your employee with use of these applications one-on-one via onsite or remote support. Depending on your plan level this may be a no charge service.