When it comes to PC’s, we find it is generally more appropriate to work with custom built systems to get a perfect fit to specific needs. Our MCP brand machines are state-of-the-art and allow us to supply the perfect solution, at the most cost-effective price, while assuring flexibility, easy upgrades, and the best hardware components available. We custom configure our systems to provide the very best answer to your needs using all industry-standard components with proven track records, easy replacement, and excellent warranties.

We also service all of the major brands and are authorized for warranty work on many of them. We are the only authorized warranty center in the area for Epson and Lexmark.

Each system carries a full one year warranty, with extended warranties available. Because they are custom systems, you get exactly what you need for your intended purpose — no more, no less. The use of industry standard components assures you that upgrades and parts replacement will be a snap.

In addition to custom servers, each of which is uniquely designed for the need at hand, we offer standardized workstations and home systems in many configurations.

Software purchased with the system is preloaded, tested, updated if necessary, and configured for you before the machine leaves our shop. All systems are burned in and thoroughly tested to assure you a trouble free experience.

If needed, data from your old system can be transferred to your new system, and software you already own loaded, at very reasonable cost.

The MCP line of computers represent decades of experience matching the best custom hardware solutions to customer’s needs. When it comes to performance, reliability, upgradability, and value, there is no better choice.

Give us a call for a quote on servers, laptops, or highly specialized configurations.